Access Management


Access Management Solution

The solution is an independent component of HI-WARE.

It is an Access Management system & DBMS which effectively controls remote access to network/server infrastructure, individual account authority & executable commands, allows for real time monitoring of user activity, and generates system log for individual user activities on the server.
This allows for backtracking to pinpoint the source of error or issue should the need arise.


  • System Access Management

    HI-TAM (Privileged Session Management for System)

    - Latest Version : HI-TAM 5.0
    - Support Devices : Linux/Unix, Windows, Network, Security System

  • DBMS Access Management

    HI-DBAM (Privileged Session Management for Database)

    - Latest Version : HI-DBAM 2.0
    - Support Devices : ORACLE, MS-SQL, DB2, SYBASE, TIBERO

Main Features

  • Secure User Authentication

  • Access only from pre-defined IP/MAC address
    Additional OTP authentication (optional) when logging into solution and/or individual system
    Customizable authentication options include RAS, OTP, public key certificate, LDAP, etc.

  • Privilege Management

  • Policy can be set for account/user group/user
    Central distribution of access privilege and control (Access IP/MAC, allowed timeslot, 2-factor authentication)
    Multiple protocols supported (Telnet, SSH, FTP, SFTP, rlogin, Windows Terminal Service, etc.)
    SSO for all remote access
    Unauthorized users attempting to gain access are automatically warned and blocked

  • Command Management

  • Allowed command can be set per user group/equipment
    Whitelist/blacklist for commands
    Telnet commands can be blacklisted and leapfrog blocked on CLI-based servers
    Entering blacklisted commands automatically generate warning –session is blocked after multiple attempts
    Important commands can be confirmed and/or approved by administrator via SMS/E-mail
    Logs generated for all commands and activity

  • Real-Time Session management

  • Current/real-time monitoring on individual sessions
    Private messaging to each user
    Administrator can terminate any user session
    Administrator can set which timeslots each account can log onto system
    Sessions are automatically terminated at the end of predefined timeslots

  • Activity Log/Audit

  • All user activity from login to end of session are logged/recorded
    Search/filter function by user/system/command, etc. with statistical report/analysis
    Logs available either as txt or video depending on server environment
    Log playbacks have various speed settings/split screen for maximum efficiency