Identity Management


Identity Management

The solution is an independent component of HI-WARE, which can be synchronized with HR system – it centralizes and manages user data from heterogeneous systems.
Some features include account life cycle management (generation/ deletion), inactive or illegal account detection/lock/administrator notification. Password policies can be set to enforce update rules, and auto/semi-auto login features prevents password leaks.
It achieves system security and efficiency by SSO for account management, resulting in a more productive environment and reduced redundant tasks.



  • System Identity Management

    HI-TIM (Identity Management for System)

    - Latest Version : HI-TIM 4.0
    - Support Devices : Linux/Unix, Windows, Network, Security System

  • DBMS Identity Management

    HI-DBIM (Identity Management for Database)

    - Latest Version : HI-DBIM 2.0
    - Support Devices : ORACLE, MS-SQL, DB2, SYBASE, TIBERO

Main Features

  • Account Life Cycle Policy Management

  • Agent-less method of account-collection from all system vendor and OS, developed in-house
    SSH Collection for enhanced security
    Provisioning of collected accounts – batch creation/modification/deletion, etc.
    Policy and management for individual user/group/session
    Synchronization with HR system

  • Password Policy Management

  • Automated password policy and enforcements for each user
    Central management of password policy
    Scheduling of auto password updates
    Rule definition for password generation – lower/uppercase, special characters, numbers, minimum/maximum character
    Automatic report to administrator after user password update
    Password update reminders before expiration

  • Multiple Account Management

  • Collection and consolidation of account data from heterogeneous equipment
    Policy and management based on account group/characteristics
    Assign protocol privilege, access timeslot, auto/semi-auto login privilege
    Internal transfers paired with data mapping for new/updated/expired privilige

  • Terminated Employee/Inactive/Illegal Account Detection

  • Account status/validity detected on regular basis
    Ghost/Broken/Inactive accounts automatically detected
    Expired ID/Passwords automatically locked
    HR data synchronized to automatically delete accounts of terminated employees and contractors
    Locked accounts can be reactivated with administrator confirmation

  • DBMS Privilege Management

  • Role/ Object/ Privilege Control
    Role Policy Standardization
    Timeslots for authority
    Table Authority Management
    Role Authority Distribution